Importance of Increasing Milk Production in Dairy Cows

India is the biggest producer of dairy products in the world, contributing almost 23% of milk production. A prominent fraction of the population in India is vegetarian and highly dependent on dairy products for their protein requirements. India has the highest consumer base because of its population and demand. Though the cattle field is the best solution, several issues need to be addressed to know where to work to increase milk production.

Reasons for Low Production

Every animal has a certain capacity for milk secretion from the glands based on its genetic setup. But in India, they deliver much less than their genetic capacity because they do not get proper nutrition.

India is a developing country that has a long way to go. People working in the agriculture sector are uneducated and still rely on traditional methods to increase production. They do not know what steps they should take to increase milk production.

Solutions to the Problems

The effects of low milk production are big, but it’s not a problem that seeks a lot of hardships for resolution. There are some simple methods that you can follow, such as getting your cattle checked by the doctor so that you know if any of the cattle is sick or has a deficiency of certain nutrition. You should provide them with all the medications, the right food quality, and also a hygienic environment.

Wrapping Up!!

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