Grt Foods International is a well known name in the sector of cattle feed. It is a common brand where you get the best quality cattle feed products. Our legacy of quality and finesse in the field of animal health products helps us in bringing the best to you. The 40 years of valuable experience of our owner Mr. Kulwant Rai Gupta, in the field of animal husbandry products and nutrition adds to the value of our services.


Our Aim

The aim of GRT Foods International is to provide pure and best quality animal feeding products to its customers.The journey of GRT Foods International began from the visionary mind of our owner Mr. Kulwant Rai Gupta, who uncovered the most important aspect of animal husbandry, that is animal health. In a country like India, where animal husbandry is a very common practice, here, animal health is not given much importance that it deserves. He observed that unlike humans, animals also need nutrition supplements. So, he researched well on the feeding culture of animals and came up with the idea of establishing GRT Foods International for cattle feeding. The journey of a single person has now taken a huge form with a team of experts by his side working together for a common goal of improving animal health.

Why choose us?

Our commitment to maintain the standard of our services, drives us to work constantly on our products and make them future ready.To understand and update ourselves with the varying trends, we have a team of professionals who research well and come up with the best prepared animal feed that enhances animal health. Therefore our perseverance holds us on the top position in the market.

To ensure that only best is served to the rearing animals, our products pass through various quality checks and analysis. These quality checks make our products safe for the ruminants.

Chokar, Alsi khal, Animal multivitamins, jowar, bajra, wheat bran, mustard khal, Cotton seed oil cake are some of our deliverables, which are considered as major dietary fibre supplements for the ruminants. These elements are well known to increase the quantity and quality of milk in cows and buffaloes.


What do we offer?


We deal in a variety of animal products, oils etc. We ensure purity and hygiene to our valued customers and deliver the best for their ruminants.


  • Cattle feed

We provide cattle feed that improves cattle health, increases milk production and improves their lifetime.A healthy cattle is a farmer’s asset. We understand the protein and fat requirements of the cattle and prepare products that are good for animal health and wellness. Animal feed is available in both normal as well as roasted form.


  • Wheat and grain Products

We deal in wheat, wheat flour maida, wheat flour atta, suzi, pulses. These are considered healthy for growing, pregnant, dry, adult or milk producing animals. We provide the best quality wheat bran that is generated while extracting flour from the Wheat Grain. In wheat bran, you get four options like fine, super fine, diamond and coarse, which are considered as the main source of vitamins and minerals for animals.


  • Oils

Oils are considered as a cheap supplement for dairy animals like cows and buffaloes. We provide the best quality of mustard and refined soyabean oil. The natural minerals and aroma of the pure oils remain intact and cows-buffaloes can easily digest. Here at GRT Foods International, modernization meets authenticity, production meets purity.

We believe in purity and perfection especially when it comes to animal health. We never compromise with our standards. Here in GRT Foods International, the quality is our habit and we abide by that in all manners.